Christian Büttner, Cornelius Crans, Joachim von Gottberg, Verena Metze-Mangold (Hrsg.):

Images sans Frontières

Media Safeguards for Young People in Europe

Gießen 2000: Psychosozial-Verlag
248 Seiten, ISBN:

The differences between the individual countries concerning youth media protection are considerable and it exists neither clarity why there are such enormous differences nor whether they could be resolved. The subject poses the same kind of challenge to the reader as does Europe itself: the patchwork of European youth media protection is already busily being woven without the ends of the threads in each country being properly visible. What are we to do about this, in an as yet non-existent polity without political foundation, indeed no foundation at all, in joint democratic decision-making? Apart from anything else, this book will whet the appetite for a (social-science) venture whose final outcome is still far from decided.


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